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Improving the engagement and well-being of educators everywhere

Male Teacher with Students


We empower learning institutions to improve educator well-being and engagement​ 


Companies invest millions of dollars every year to improve employee engagement. We wondered, what if a company focused solely on the engagement of educators? What kind of impact could a highly engaged teacher have on a student? On a city?

On the world?


​At EducateHX, we believe that teachers are one of our most valuable resources. We love teachers! We want to help schools, districts, universities, and all learning institutions to help their teachers thrive at work.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


EducateHX takes a consultative and hyper-personalized approach to understanding the unique engagement needs of our learning institution clients. We work with you to develop an engagement blueprint that unites your team in improving well-being.


Partner with an authentic, human-to-human approach.


Learn through a proven engagement survey study with your team.


Analyze results and empower with next-level insights.


Activate your plan through our Engagement Blueprint session.


Our ongoing partnership helps drive results into the future.

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