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Educate HX  Services

EducateHX takes a consultative and hyper-personalized approach to understanding the unique engagement needs of our learning institution clients. We work with you to develop an engagement blueprint that unites your team in improving well-being.


Partner with an authentic human-to-human approach.


Learn through a proven engagement survey study.


Analyze results and empower with next-level insights.


Activate your plan through our Engagement Blueprint session.


Our ongoing partnership helps drive results into the future.


C.L.E.A.R. Engagement Program

This is our comprehensive, personalized engagement partnership designed to empower you to improve engagement according to your team's unique needs.


  • Hear the voice of your educators with our workplace engagement survey.

  • Get next-level insights on how to improve educator engagement.

  • Build a plan with your team through our engagement workshop.

  • Active your plan with your personalized Engagement Blueprint.


  • Educator Engagement Survey.

  • Full survey analysis and detailed, personalized engagement insights.

  • Two meetings with your faculty:

    • In-person or virtual

    • The first session builds connections and administers the survey.

    • The second session is our Engagement Blueprint Workshop where we share survey results and follow proven design-thinking methods to develop an engagement blueprint action plan with the team.

  • Complete Engagement Blueprint document and action plan tailored to your team.

  • Readout meetings with leaders.

Engagement Insights Program

This is an alternative version of our partnership, perfect for those who want to improve educator engagement but wish to start on a smaller scale by using best practices aligned with your team’s needs.


  • Educator Engagement Survey

  • Full survey analysis and detailed, personalized engagement insights complete with best practices aligned to your needs to improve engagement results.

  • One meeting with your faculty where we deliver survey results and walk through aligned best practices

  • Detailed Engagement Insights and Best Practices document.


Contact us and we will deliver a personalized quote based on your needs!

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